Every Morning

Every morning I take pills because I am depressed, manic, and anxious. The first batch I got when I swerved my car off the mountainside. Those were replaced when I swallowed a handful of them and ended up in the institution. I got more after I maced a stranger at the subway station because I […]

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You’re so far away anymore That all that’s left of you is gone. You’re like a distant scent, One from childhood that fills the air And brings me back home. Memories of you are like youth: Wholesome and tender, They come and go with the wind. You’re never coming back, and I can’t miss you […]

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Olly Olly Oxen Free

1 The two were sitting on the patio of Oliver’s mother’s, discussing capital punishment. They sat on a chair swing, Lee with a glass of water, watching the terrier run back and forth. Inside they could hear the chirping of his mother’s two lovebirds, Elizabeth and Darcy, who sat aside the windowsill begging for food. […]

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It’s Not the Season for Voodoo

I’m in your voodoo. Your yellow eyes Hiss at the moon Pretending, pretending To love me. Selling your soul away singing: I’m the only one you look at Like that I’m in your voodoo. It’s hot and it’s damp— It’s wintertime, Long and hard. I spread myself around Just like your lies, lies, lies: Put […]

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Cloud Girl

Last night you called me pretty, Unlike the others inside your bed. You thought I could change shape, To fit what you see Like I’m some cloud. And although I want you, I can’t fit in your sky Even if I try. You always want two things at once: You want heaven But you live […]

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Butterflies Behind the Glass

We are returning from church when the biplane crashes in our back lawn. Straight down like a shooting star, planting its propeller amidst the jalapeño crop. Grandmother can’t see, blind bat that she is, and thinks the crash is the sound of Mr. Hardy’s rifle shooting at another squirrel. And when mother squeals so loudly […]

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Big Gold Hoops

I thought I’d get my ears pierced because Minnie from three grades up promised she’d do it behind her house. I trust her because she works at the mall doing it all the time, at a stand next to the big fountain where lots of pennies sparkle like sunshine on the bottom. We sit on […]

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